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I'm Jana Pochop, and I run this joint.  I love music.  I play it, which is how I wound up living in Austin, Texas and New York City.  Writing and playing guitar are my favorite things. I love working with musicians on their businesses and creative projects.  I believe in being entrepreneurial and experimental with life, which has lead me to some great jobs in the music-hub that is Austin; music school manager, recording studio manager, tour manager, booking manager. (I like to manage things). I've taught private lessons and at Girl Guitar Austin, too.


Above all, I write, produce, record, and perform my own music, so I know what it's like trying to balance the art and the business. (You can listen right here). I also just graduated from Berklee NYC with a Master's in Songwriting and Production (class of 2023). 

I have been fortunate to learn all of this with good people...I've been all over the US to perform and tour manage, and made it across the pond on a European tour as a guitarist. I also booked for The Bugle Boy, an amazing venue here in Texas.

As for social media, I've worked on strategy and planning for independent musicians and small business owners. I've project managed everything from new website builds to album releases to crowd-funding campaigns so artists can create their best work with the help of their the first year of Social Thinkery alone clients raised over $100,000 in crowd-funded support, and it's just gone up from there.

All career planning, from booking to social media, begins with the core truth that each artist is different, and a successful career strategy is one that emphasizes the strengths and goals of the individual.  

My social media mantra is that it's not hard to virtue of simply existing we all create content daily.  The goal is to put it out there in a meaningful way to build your community and make something sustainable and joyful.  Let's do this.




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